55 Handling Unexpected Issues

In this chapter, we share various common issues that may occur and how to avoid or minimize the possibility they will happen to you.

Turn off your camera when it is not crucial for presenting your lecture​

  • Improves the quality of audio and visual components for participants​
  • Students may become distracted resulting in lack of focus on presentation being shared
For more information, refer to: Cameras, Yes or No?

Minimizing the number of programs in the background​

  • This will direct the availability of computer performance towards the important tasks (e.g. avoid having multiple programs or tabs open simultaneously).

Using Ethernet​

  • Ethernet is a wired internet connection that allows for higher internet speeds and increased reliability
  • This may reduce the chances of connection interruptions and avoid situations where you need to re-explain concepts that students were unable to hear/see during a lag
For more information, refer to: Internet Speeds.

Recording lectures​

  • Creates flexibility​ for students
  • Allows students to revisit and enhance their understanding of course material​
For more information, refer to: Recording Lectures.

Developing a known procedure to manage unexpected issues (ex. Internet & power outages, etc.)

For example:​

  • Add a section in the syllabus addressing procedure if MS Teams crashes in the middle of a lecture
  • Designate a specific Microsoft Teams channel for reporting errors/issues
  • Assign an open link for Blackboard Collaborate or Zoom to deliver your lecture


Based on Microsoft Teams update on: August 27, 2021


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