32 Creating a Basic Assignment

The assignment section of MSTeams can be really easy to use. With it you can get students to submit their assignments to you in a secure way. If you are interested in the extended functionality, feel free to consult the Microsoft documentation.

  1. Enter a Title for your assignment
  2. Enter the assignment Instructions. Anything you ‘attach’ will be shown to the students.
  3. Fill in a Due Date for your assignment.
  4. Click the Assign button

Screenshot of instructions for creating an assignment in MSTEAMs

Optional Assignment settings

  • You can create an entry in the grades section. Use only if you want to use Teams for grading
  • You can adjust who will receive the assignment
  • You can change the date the assignment is available and if late submissions are accepted
  • You can add the assignment to your or your student’s calendar
  • You can post notifications about the assignment in your Teams site
  • You can get notifications of late submissions

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