48 Use Connectors to Post Updates From Internet Services Directly Into Teams

Connectors are features that you can apply to a channel to allow data from an external resource to be posted directly into the channel. Services such as GitHub or Yammer can be linked to post updates into a channel.

In order to add a Connector to a channel, hover over the channel name and click on the ellipsis that appears on the right side of the name. Then select “Connectors”.



An image displaying how to access the "Connectors" feature within a channel's options.

A list of Connectors will appear for you to add to the channel. After adding a Connector, input the required information, and click “Save”.


An image displaying the "Connectors" interface and some of the available Connectors to use.

For more information, visit: Custom Connectors.


Based on Microsoft Teams update on: August 27, 2021


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