16 Interacting With Files

MS Teams lets you add, copy, move, edit, and delete all types of files. It also stores all the files that are posted in the chat to the Files section.

Finding the files link

Sharing for Collaboration

If you are sharing documents or file for collaboration purposes, or otherwise want your team members or students to have full access to the files you upload, you can simply use the Files tab in your team or send them via chat message within your preferred chat or team channel. You can create your own file structure to help with organization, and you can add a shortcut to your OneDrive for easy access outside of Teams. All files will also be accessible through Sharepoint online.

For more information on collaboration, see Sharing Resources for Collaboration.

Sharing for Reference Only

If you wish to share files for reference only, you will most likely want to use your Class Materials folder within your Files structure. This folder is automatically created for all course teams once you click on “Upload Course Materials” on your homepage (see Setting Up Your Course Team). This option enables instructors and team owners to add and edit files that remain read-only for all other members.

screenshot showing class materials section of Teams Files

Based on Microsoft Teams update on: August 27, 2021 (updated on June 29, 2022)

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