52 Creating Channels

In MS Teams, channels can be created to provide groups with their own space to collaborate on different topics or projects.

There are two types of channels you can create:

  1. Standard– Open to all team members
  2. Private– Open to specific team members

While the standard channels are accessible by anyone in the Team, making a private channel will only allow access to a specific group of individuals within the team. For example, Graduate Assistants (GA) and Teaching Assistants (TA) can have their own channel where they can collaborate and organize documents in a private setting. You could also set up channels for teams or groups to work on course projects together.

As an instructor, you are then able to track their progression in these channels and hop into a call to provide guidance whenever required.

  1. A channel can be created by choosing “More options” beside the Team name, and then selecting “Add channel”

An image displaying the "Add channel" option within Team options.

2. A channel name and description can be also added for organizational purposes

3. Under “Privacy”, either leave as “Standard – Accessible to everyone on the team” so everyone can access it, or switch it to “Private – Accessible only to a specific group of people within the team” to restrict who has access to it

4. Once these options have been selected, click “Add” to create the channel

An image demonstrating how to make a channel private.
Please note: Once you create a channel as either standard or public, you are unable to change the level of access. You can, however, add and remove users within the “manage channel”
screenshot showing the dropdown menu of options for a channel

screenshot showing the "add members" option within team channel options

screenshot showing how to remove a member from a channel

Based on Microsoft Teams update on: August 27, 2021 (Updated on June 21, 2022)

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