18 Collaborate by Using Voice Chat

Students can start collaborating in Teams by clicking on the unmute button in their current meeting. By unmuting themselves, they can easily share ideas and coordinate tasks with minimal confusion.

    1. Students can start a meeting whenever they want if they have access to a chat or channel
    2. Meetings can be scheduled via the chat, calendar, or the meeting dropdown menu
    3. Students can use the built-in functions to make the meeting more accessible and inclusive
      • Students can record the meeting
      • Students can turn on Live captions in meetings which will:
        1. Help reduce the impact of language barriers
        2. Help students who have accessibility issues

Students can view the transcript of a recorded meeting in Microsoft Stream. They can use the transcript to quickly remind themselves of what was said in the conversation.

For more information, refer to Recording Lectures, Scheduling Meetings. For information on how to access the transcript, refer to Captions and Transcripts.


Based on Microsoft Teams update on: August 27, 2021


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