Changes from Previous Edition

Information Systems for Business and Beyond1st Canadian edition is largely an adaptation of the book by Dr. David Bourgeois, originally published in 2014 as part of the Open Textbook Challenge at the Saylor Foundation, and then updated in 2019. This book has incorporated content from a few other open textbooks and open materials as well.

Here is a summary of the changes made to this new edition:

  • The overall structure was changed and chapters were moved.
  • The chapter structure was changed to include sub-chapters.
  • New and updated images were added to every chapter. Images were re-created for consistency throughout.
  • New Chapters added: Chapter 10 (E-business), Chapter 12 (Decision Support), and Chapter 13 (Emerging Technology).
  • Added in additional resources: slide decks, knowledge checks and key terms.
Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Added in definition of systems thinking and clarified the definition of Information Systems.
  • Added in new image for information systems and its key components.
  • Moved the content on Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom from another chapter.
  • Added in characteristics of valuable information.
  • Added in content on the impact of technology on business disciplines.
  • Added in content from another chapter on people and IS in organizations.
  • Removed the history of computing.
Chapter 2: Strategy
  • Moved this chapter content from chapter 7 to chapter 2.
  • Removed the content on the Productivity Paradox by Erik Brynjolfsson and Does IT Matter by Nicholas Carr.
  • Added in the section on the digital business landscape and technology enabled strategy.
  • Changed definition of competitive advantage and expanded the definitions.
  • Added the danger of relying on technology.
  • Moved Business Process Management to a new chapter.
  • Moved EDI to the e-Business chapter.
  • Moved Collaborative systems to the software chapter.
  • Moved Decision Support to its own chapter.
  • Added Canadian business examples.
Chapter 3: Hardware
  • Added definition of a computer.
  • Removed the sidebar on binary.
  • Added in image for Moore’s Law.
  • Added in content on e-Waste and Canadian statistics.
Chapter 4: Software


  • Moved section on ERP to the business process chapter and re-wrote content.
  • Added content on how to obtain software.
  • Added in information on SaaS.
  • Added in open source advantages and disadvantages.
Chapter 5: Data
  • Reorganized the content of the chapter.
  • Moved data, information, knowledge and wisdom to chapter 1.
  • Revised definitions and the database example.
  • Added in data hierarchy.
  • Added in more reasons to use a database.
  • Moved the section on business intelligence to separate chapter.
Chapter 6: Networks
  • Reorganized the content of the chapter.
  • Added section on computer communications, and the process.
  • Added section on networks.
  • Added content on generations of the web.
  • Added in content on a packet’s journey.
Chapter 7: Systems Development
  • Moved the chapter to earlier in the book.
  • Added critical success factors in development projects.
  • Added in examples of the SDLC.
  • Added in feasibility.
  • Summarized the section on programming.
  • Removed content on building a website.
  • Added more on responsive design.
Chapter 8: Security 
  • Added in content and definition of cybercrime.
  • Added in Canadian statistics on cybercrime.
  • Added in content on types of cybercrime.
  • Added in Canadian resources.
Chapter 9: Impacts
  • Re-wrote chapter for Canadian context.
Chapter 10: E-Business
  • Created this new chapter.
  • Moved content on Blockchain and Bitcoin to this chapter.
  • Added Canadian content and statistics.
Chapter 11: Business Process
  • Added in business and management information systems including transaction processing systems.
  • Added in batch processing vs real time processing.
  • Added enterprise systems and ERP systems.
  • Removed ISO certification content.
Chapter 12: Decision Support
  • Created this new chapter.
  • Moved content on data warehouses and data marts to this chapter.
Chapter 13: Emerging Technology
  • Created this new chapter.


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