9.1. Chapter Introduction

Learning Outcomes

  • Define information ethics and explain the purpose of a code of ethics;
  • Identify the policies organizations should implement for information management;
  • Define intellectual property and discuss the issues related to the infringement of intellectual property;
  • Explain information privacy and outline the methods for improving the privacy of information;
  • Describe the digital divide and explain Nielsen’s three stages of the digital divide; and
  • Discuss other social impacts to information technology use.

Information systems have an impact far beyond the world of business. New technologies create new situations that have never had to be confronted before. One issue is how to handle the new capabilities that these devices provide to users. What new laws are going to be needed for protection from misuse of new technologies. How do we handle the social impacts of the new technologies? This chapter begins with a discussion of the impact of information systems have on user behavior or ethics. This will be followed with the new legal structures being put in place with a focus on intellectual property and privacy. Lastly the chapter will explore some of the social impacts of technology use.


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