6.10. Summary

Key Takeaways

  • The networking revolution has completely changed how personal computers are used.
  • Data communication networks transmit digital data from one computer to another computer using a variety of wired and wireless communication channels.
  • One such network, the internet, is an immense global network of smaller interconnected networks linking millions of computers.
  • By connecting paying subscribers into the Internet infrastructure, a company called an internet service provider provides services, such as e-mail, and online access.
  • A large portion of the Internet, the World Wide Web (“the Web”), is a subsystem of computers that can be accessed by means of a special protocol known as hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP).
  • Though the web couldn’t exist without the Internet, it’s the web that provides such multimedia material as pictures, sounds, and streaming videos.
  • As networking technology has matured, the use of internet technologies has become a standard for every type of organization.
  • The use of intranets and extranets has allowed organizations to deploy functionality to employees and business partners alike, increasing efficiencies and improving communications.
  • Businesses use the Internet for four purposes: presenting information, selling products, acquiring goods and services, and distributing digital products.

Review Questions

  1. What is data communication, and why do managers need to understand this concept?
  2. Explain the communication process, and list the components of a communication system.
  3. What is bandwidth?
  4. What is a network? List and contrast the different network types.
  5. What is the internet? Who owns the Internet?
  6. Explain TCP/IP.
  7. How does a client-server model work?
  8. What is the Web and how is it different from the Internet?
  9. What are the different components of a URL?
  10. How is information transferred over the internet?
  11. Describe the difference between an intranet and extranet. What are they used for?
  12. Discuss some web trends. What is the Internet of everything?
  13. How are businesses using the internet?


This assignment is designed to help you understand how the internet is used by businesses.

In this assignment you will explore the different ways in which businesses use the internet. Complete the following questions in a separate document.

  1. Choose a business to explore. The business can operate locally or globally.
  2. Perform some research on the business and list a few ways in which the company is using the internet to improve their business processes.
  3. Provide a quick summary of your findings. Be sure to include a link to the company’s website and any resources you use.


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