Overview of research project


This course aims to introduce you to the basic biochemistry laboratory techniques employed in biomedical research. To do this you will be immersed in a directed research project. Throughout the year you will work to characterize a very well-known drug target. In the first half of the course, you will work to clone your drug target gene into an expression plasmid. In the second half of the course, you  will work on expressing, purifying, and characterizing the protein product of your gene of interest. 

Flowchart showing the three parts of the lab course project: part 1, DNA cloning, part 2, protein expression, purification setup of protein crystals, part 3 overarching theme of drug discovery.


Disclaimer:  Any chemicals, reagents, or specific equipment from any company used in this lab manual are not an endorsement or promotion.  These are what we have experience with and have utilized in our teaching labs only.


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