Early in January 2021, a group of 2nd-year TU Dublin Creative Digital Media students presented with the learning outcomes for the forthcoming Multimedia Development module wondered aloud if they could do something different. They wanted to learn how to research better. They also wanted to learn how to write better! Their ideas for how they might spend the semester began to take the shape. In addition to learning more about Unity (a game development engine) and developing a game as a portfolio piece, (what an achievement!) they agreed that their writing work should have some lasting meaning, not to be lost and forgotten after the semester. They decided to develop a textbook that could be of value to future students. Though initially concerned about their ability to complete the research writing, a plan was developed with the support of Library Staff @TUDublin Blanchardstown. Through 12 hard weeks of labour, 32 individual sections comprising 6 chapters, were collated into the academic textbook Game Design & Development 2021 a textbook created by students, for students. In this textbook, students explore a wide variety of topics about games, the game industry, the effect of games and the game design process.

Through the many meaningful conversation and interactions that took place throughout the development of the book, I have been in the privileged position to witness first-hand the commitment and dedication that’s this cohort of students have had to their work in such challenging times. It’s a real testament to their dedication and engagement and in particular when you consider the daily challenges that Covid has placed on them. their goal was to develop their research skills and produce something worth preserving, and something to be proud of, I think they have.

Shaun Ferns

Multimedia Development Lecturer

Technological University Dublin

Education has a habit of providing us with moments of inspiration and joy, even during the most difficult of times. As we draw towards the end of the 2020-2021 academic year, I find myself reflecting on the struggles of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and in particular, the challenges faced by our students who have so willingly sacrificed their time on our University campus in response to our collective need to remain apart. It has been a difficult time for all, and yet in these times of separation and distance, these students have come together to produce a book, a moment of joy and a source of inspiration for their lecturers, classmates, and many other students who will no doubt benefit from this text for years to come. I am in awe of their creative spirit and determination to not only progress in their studies during this most difficult of times, but to mark that passage with a contribution to the body of knowledge at so early a stage in their academic studies. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, they have written something worth reading, and done something worth writing about. Well done to you all.


Daniel McSweeney

Head of Department of Informatics

Technological University Dublin


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