Wound care crosses all healthcare disciplines, and our mission is to improve the lives of persons with wounds worldwide through electronic educational opportunities. Specifically, this textbook is an adjunct to several accredited education programs across the learning continuum from novice and beginner to intermediate and advanced key opinion leaders. With dermatological and wound care clinical experience, we have developed experts that will provide the expertise for practice guidelines and expert consensus documents. This project is funded through the generous support of the Ministry of Education. This e-textbook is designed to be continuously updated by our interprofessional teams including nurses, doctors, and allied health professionals.

It is clear that wound care is ever changing. Keeping abreast of the wound care products, policies, new terminologies and internationally recognized research findings can pose a challenge for health care clinicians. In this demanding health care environment, clinicians should be on the alert for subtle skin changes in order to intervene and promote healing as early as possible.  This E-text contains skin and wound care fundamentals that may be useful for all individuals involved in health care to promote accurate and early etiology determination followed by appropriate treatment regiments that are patient centered. The most current guidelines, assessment and treatment strategies are included to promote skin health, along with the early recognition of skin integrity breeches. Also included are the Wound Bed Preparation 2021 principles, skin care prevention points for wounds and the management of common wound types. The interprofessional authors introduce this e-textbook and welcome learners to this transformative and exciting new learning experience.


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