6.1.5 Assisting with Meals Case Study 1

This case study is adapted from a real situation. All names are aliases, and any identifiers are removed for privacy.

Case Study

Ms. Sandusky is a 64-year-old client who has been having swelling of the legs when she is up walking around and has reported that her legs feel heavy.  She had a heart attack one year ago, and is on medication to slow her heart rate and strengthen the beat.  She has been told she will be prescribed a special diet to help with her symptoms.

Your Task

Answer the following questions:

    • Which factors must be considered when determining the best kind of diet for Ms. Sandusky?
    • Which diet will Ms. Sandusky be placed on?

After completing this task by writing your answer in your notes, please scroll down below the following image for your case study feedback.

A woman in scrubs kneels next to a patient in a wheelchair to chat.
This photograph is for illustration purposes only. The person in the case study is not pictured.

Case Study Feedback

The following feedback for the chapter case study is meant to provide guidance for your own practice. The answers provided are suggestions, and you may have additional ideas which are not covered below. Then, the resolution of the case as it occurred in real life is provided for your reference.


Your answer should consider both of the following pieces of information:

  • Your client has a heart condition.
  • Your client has fluid retention.

Both of these factors indicate that a sodium-controlled diet is needed.


Ms. Sandusky was placed on a low sodium diet due to her heart condition and fluid retention. Her fluid retention gradually reduced over the following days and weeks.


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