5.3.2 General Guidelines for Assisting with Bathing

When supporting bathing for any client, be sure to follow the following general guidelines:

  • Always identify the client prior to providing cares.
  • Tell the client how the bathing process will proceed and familiarize them with the environment and products, if needed.
  • Ask the client what they prefer in matters of bathing products, clothing choices, water temperature, etc.
  • Provide privacy while setting up for care and during care, specifically whenever skin is showing on the body beyond the neck, face, and arms.
  • Make every effort to maintain safety of the client and yourself at all times.
  • Gather all supplies before you begin, to prevent needing to collect them during bathing.
  • Wash hands prior to providing care and after providing care and if soiling occurs during the bath.
  • Wear gloves to provide care if soiling may occur during the process.
  • Allow the client to complete cares they are able to, to encourage independence.
  • Use a separate washcloth for the perineal area.
  • Ensure that bathing occurs at least 1-2 times weekly for each client.
  • Follow policies and protocol of your facility.
  • Use good body mechanics.
  • Observe the client’s skin for signs of redness, breakdown, discoloration, irregularities.
Two containers of soap or shampoo sit on a tray in a shower.
Ensure that all cleaning products are gathered and in reach prior to beginning the bath or shower.

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