4.3.4 Supporting Mobility Case Study 1

This case study is adapted from a real situation. All names are aliases, and any identifiers are removed for privacy.

Case Study

Mr. C. is a 70-year-old male who was a double below-the-knee amputee. He was getting used to wearing his new prostheses, but he noticed a very small hole was having drainage at the bottom of the stump. His prosthetic leg is held in place by a silicone vacuum sleeve. Mr. C isn’t sure what to do, and he asks you, his personal care worker, what to do.

Your Task

Answer the following question:

    • What steps should Mr. C take to reduce the chances of further opening of the wound on his stump?

After completing this task by writing your answer in your notes, please scroll down below the following image for your case study feedback.

A man wearing a cap and glasses stares thoughtfully off-camera
This photograph is for illustration purposes only. The person in the case study is not pictured.

Case Study Feedback

The following feedback for the chapter case study is meant to provide guidance for your own practice. The answers provided are suggestions, and you may have additional ideas which are not covered below. Then, the resolution of the case as it occurred in real life is provided for your reference.


Your answer should be similar to the following:

  • Mr. C should stop wearing the prosthetic leg and contact his doctor to assess the wound and prosthesis.


Unfortunately, Mr. C did not immediately report the drainage. He continued to wear his prosthesis and developed an infection. The wound became inflamed, and a tunnel started by the bone. Intravenous antibiotics were given to stop the infection from advancing. Mr. C was advised of the importance of reporting any issues with his prostheses immediately.


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