2.1.4 Caring Essentials Case Study 1

This case study is adapted from a real situation. All names are aliases, and any identifiers are removed for privacy.

Case Study

Mrs. Graco is a client in long term care who is recovering after shoulder replacement surgery. She has been there for six weeks. You notice she is still having trouble with getting dressed even though physical therapy has been working with her. After researching the professionals available to be involved in care planning, whom do you suggest may be helpful to her when you advise the charge nurse of her status?

Your Tasks

  1. What professional did you identify? What made you choose this professional to help?
  2. Does this professional have the knowledge and access to offer assistive devices?
  3. In your role to assist the client, how will you expect the orders of the professional to affect your care of the client?

Write down your answers. You will then revisit these responses at the end of this chapter. If you think of additional answers as you progress through this chapter, please add them to your notes.


This photograph is for illustration purposes only. The person in the case study is not pictured.

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