2.3.6 DIPPS Protocol

When it comes to your everyday practice, the best way to stay true to the principles you are learning about here is to observe DIPPS protocol at all times, DIPPS is an acronym that stands for:

  • Dignity
  • Independence
  • Preference
  • Privacy
  • Safety

Your client care should uphold all of these key values at every turn. This can mean that you will:

  • treat clients with care and compassion.
  • show respect to clients’ culture, identity, beliefs, values and goals.
  • take steps to maintain clients’ privacy and dignity in the physical space where they are receiving care
  • avoid judgment and discrimination.
  • reflect on and address your own values that may affect your professional practice

Furthermore, if you ever see another health care team member failing to uphold this standard of treatment, you should report your concerns to the appropriate person. When your own personal beliefs conflict with a client’s care plan, you will provide safe, compassionate and timely care to those clients until other arrangements are in place.

Practice Makes Perfect

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