5.3.6 Conclusion

In this chapter you have learned how to:

  1. Utilize safe practices when assisting with showering/bathing of clients.
  2. Collaborate with client while assisting with bathing, ensuring client dignity and preferences are established and maintained.

You now understand general guidelines whenever you are assisting a client with bathing. You also understand the process involved in assisting a mobile patient with transferring to the bathroom for an assisted shower or bath. Finally, you understand the steps of a complete bed bath for patients who are not mobile.

Key Takeaway

As you care for the personal body needs of your client, never forget their dignity. Always try to give clients the care that you would appreciate receiving in their position. Take care to clean them effectively and gently, while speaking to them clearly and warmly. Communicate with your words and actions that you care about their preferences, privacy and hygiene needs.


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