3.4.7 Offering Suggestions for the Client’s Benefit

In order to make effective recommendations to support your client’s quality of life, it is important that you are aware of the options and resources that are available to your client. Therefore, seeking out resources for health and social care issues is important for you and your clients.

Work your way through the following checklist now, in order to locate key resources and organizations in your local community. Consider bookmarking websites or creating a handy spreadsheet for your future use.

  1. Do you work for a facility? If so, start by researching the resources available in your facility for clients by working through this list:
    • What options and activities are available in the recreational department? Is physical therapy giving classes on assisting clients with ambulating or movement?
    • Is Occupational Therapy teaching skills or providing special equipment to allow the clients more independence?
    • Is the chaplaincy program providing volunteers for clients with fewer visitors?
  2. Now, look outside your facility. Are there programs or agencies in the community who could assist with clients’ needs or wants? Consider the following types of options:
    • Addiction programs
    • Illness support groups
    • Group therapy
    • Counselling
    • Mental health centres
    • Newcomer programs
    • Senior’s centre programs
    • Meals on wheels and other food support
    • Hobby and travel clubs
    • Community service groups
    • Local library programs
    • Online groups and resources for support and information sharing

Practice Makes Perfect

Find one example in your community for each of the following support types:

  1. Cancer support
  2. Community service group
  3. A local library program


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