33 Immigration and Domestic Violence



The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) has the authority to make decisions relating to immigration and refugee matters. Canada offers refuge for individuals seeking asylum. However, there must be legitimate reasons for why this is necessary.  Convention Refugees are not allowed to claim refuge if they have a removal order made against them in their country of residence. Finally, a refugee may be sponsored privately, if a group of Canadian citizens or permanent residents agree to provide financial support for a period of one (1) year in the form of furniture, clothing, housing, and food, for the individual. To learn more about immigration for refugees, visit Immigration for Refugees.

If a woman is experiencing abuse in a relationship, she does not need to remain in the relationship to stay in Canada. As a permanent resident, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom ensures protected rights (Justice Laws Website, n.d.). In contrast, if a woman holds a valid temporary status in Canada, she may be eligible to extend or renew her position. In contrast if her status were to expire, she may be able to apply for a special permit to stay in Canada temporarily. This also applies if the woman is an individual that has been sponsored under the family sponsorship category. For more information on effects of abuse on immigration, check Immigration – Abuse.

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