38 Providing Support for Victims of Domestic Violence

  1. What kind of support did the women in the case studies access? Research some supports that these women could access in your community.
  2. What are some best practices for helping immigrant women in domestic violence situations? How you would work with them and what kinds of resources would you refer them to?
  3. How do you think you would react in a situation if a woman told you she was being abused and wanted to stay in the marriage?  What are some strategies and resources that you could give to that woman to support her safety while respecting her choices?
  4. Outline a holistic intervention strategy of working with perpetrators of violence. What resources would you include?
  5. Identify micro, mezzo, and macro level issues experienced by the women in each of these cases when they needed to reach out for help? What might be relevant and culturally appropriate interventions at each level?
  6. How can a community be leveraged? How can it intervene in cases of domestic violence?
  7. In light of the case presented, how do you think the system could have worked more effectively to support the woman and her family.  What would need to be in place for her story to change- and for the stories of women in similar position in the future to change?
  8. How would you use a trauma-informed approach in supporting women who have experienced DV?

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