Chapter 8: Decision-Making

Many signs pointing in various directions
“So many decisions so little time.” Decision making is an important aspect of leadership and management, not only in making the decision, but also living with the outcome. Attribution: Pam Brophy

A large portion of leaders’ actions stem from decisions made about a specific situation. Being decisive can be a challenging feat for some people, but come naturally for others. One of the main issues with decision-making, is not simply making the decision, but living with the consequences. In this chapter, a general overview of decision-making, styles of decision-making, effective decision-making, and making decisions as a group will be covered.

Throughout this chapter, many topics will be presented that will help to develop decision-making ability and to understand the importance that decision-making has on a successful learning organization.

The learning outcomes for this chapter are:

  1. Define what decision-making is and the people it affects.
  2. Clearly identify the difference between the right answer and the ethical answer.
  3. Identify the decision-making styles, and critique the issues in managerial decision-making.
  4. Outline and critique some of the challenges to effective decision-making.
  5. Compare and contrast how teamwork is either beneficial or detrimental to decision-making.

Chapter Tips:

  • How does decision making impact your personal life?
  • How does being a rational agent help someone make the right decision?
  • Think of the impact groups have on decision making.


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