Chapter 4: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Kevin Rempel
Kevin Rempel is a Canadian sledge hockey player and Olympic medalist. Off the ice he is known for his successful venture “The Sledge Hockey Experience” which gives all individuals, regardless of ability, experience in the sport of sledge hockey.”KevinRempel.jpg” by Connormah is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Those who have the drive to start their own businesses have the key word when it comes to entrepreneurship: drive! Entrepreneurs must be willing to take a great gamble, not only financially, but socially and psychologically as well. Although for some entrepreneurs, it seems like a difficult endeavour, while others see it as extremely rewarding. This chapter will unpack the world of entrepreneurship by discussing some risks and rewards to entrepreneurship and how to manage a small business.  It will outline the similarities and differences between entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Finally, social entrepreneurship and how it all fits within the world of a learning organization will be examined.

The learning outcomes for this chapter are:

  1. Define entrepreneurship and the different types of entrepreneurs.
  2. Decipher the risks and rewards of being an entrepreneur.
  3. Define what a small business is, and its effectiveness in a marketplace.
  4. Clearly define the similarities and differences between small business owners, and entrepreneurs.
  5. Define the concept of social entrepreneurship, and how these concepts relate to the learning organization.

Chapter Tips:

  • Relate the concepts of the learning organization to all facets of entrepreneurship.
  • Focus on the understanding and meaning of the concepts of social entrepreneurship.


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