2.4 Building a Management Model in Learning Organizations

Before we build a management model within learning organizations. We have to build our understanding of a learning organization in relation to general management principles. The first stage is for educators or leaders within a learning organization to have empowerment to take the reigns of the learning atmosphere [12]. When it comes to valuing skilled leadership we have to understand the relationship between human development and organizational learning, which Buchanan describes as authentic and sophisticated dialogue to support learning within an organization [13]. When we think of dialogue to enhance learning within a Canadian context we can look at pre-colonial traditions to understand dialogue in learning.

The telling of stories and creating a dialogue is a method of teaching a host of aboriginal nations employ to learn about different ways to see the world. Have it be creation stories, or past tales of elders, the ability to engage in dialogue is important to building a model for learning organizations. Ultimately, empowerment must lead with a certain cohesion or as Gilley and Maycunich state internal systems working in harmony [14]. When we can mix a leaders will to be empowered to present learning with a harmonious atmosphere with everyone working towards a goal, this becomes a good management framework inside a learning organization.

What this calls for is a cultural re-alignment of the learning organization to break free from perceived inertial forces [15]. Moving forward, building a management model involves a deep dive into previous experiences within learning organizations and reflecting on past experiences to identify what works within a harmonious concept.


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