Chapter 11: Multicultural Leadership

Pierre Trudeau
Pierre Trudeau declared in 1971 that Canada would become a multicultural nation. The Multiculturalism Act of 1988 was subsequently adopted by the Canadian Parliament, signifying Canada as the first nation to adopt a multiculturalism policy. Source

This chapter will return to the large scale ethno-cultural aspects of leadership and management through the understanding of multiculturalism within learning organizations. In many ways, multicultural leadership draws inferences from leadership, management, ethics, social responsibility, motivation, decision-making, collaboration and communication. Placing multiculturalism at this point in the textbook acts as a book-end and reminder of the path taken on this journey through leadership and management in learning organizations. Throughout this chapter, an introduction to workplace diversity and the types of diversity will be presented.  In addition, a base understanding of legislation, ethical considerations, respecting the motivations of others, communicating diversity in teamwork, and the impact of diversified relationships in a global environment will be provided.

The learning outcomes for this chapter are:

  1. Define diversity and different types of diversity concepts presented in the workplace.
  2. Define what legislation has been passed that relates to multiculturalism and diversity in the workplace.
  3. Contextualize the process of respecting the rights and motivations of others.
  4. Compare and contrast the impact of diverse and multicultural teams within learning organizations.
  5. Define and contextualize the effect of diversity within a globalized marketplace.

Chapter Tips:

  • What can you make of diversity from your previous experiences?
  • How has the law been effective in understanding diversity?
  • What are the different ways cultures communicate in a diverse atmosphere?


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