Much can be learned from the concept of diversity and multiculturalism to understand learning within learning organizations. When attempting to foster learning, either through leadership techniques, management techniques, social entrepreneurship, ethical considerations, decision-making, teamwork or communication, it is important to keep a diverse mindset.  Understand where you place yourself in a diverse culture,  Be self-aware of where a culture places you. This chapter served as a reminder of the journey of leadership and management issues within a learning organization, and notes large issues that are imperative to being successful leaders in a modern and diverse environment.

A review of this chapter’s major conclusions, include:

  1. Diversity is the identity-based differences between people. Diversity concepts within organizations are workplace diversity and managing diversity.
  2. Canada passed the Canadian Human Rights’ Act, which allows individuals to pursue a life they desire without restrictions based on race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, religion and others. Other countries have similar legislation.
  3. Reasonable accommodation and understanding the steps to acknowledge, delegate, and remedy situations or discrimination in the workplace.
  4. Understanding diversity and cultures through direct and indirect communication can help shape the learning process within different individuals to progress towards mastery.
  5. The use of cultural intelligence is beneficial to understanding cultures in a globalized marketplace.  Being self-aware of your standing inside your culture and other cultures is a good first step.

On this journey, a holistic understanding about leadership and management, as well as its impact not only on subordinates, but its impact on a global scale and in different cultural communities has been developed. Reflecting on this chapter as the impact of learning, and the fostering of learning as a leader, are important roles to take away when moving into the real world. Once ready, advance to the twelfth, and final chapter, where aspects of the leadership and management are revived along with a discussion whether or not there is truly a different between the two.


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