Chapter 7: Motivation and Job Design

In this chapter, the concepts of motivation theory from chapter six will be applied to job design within learning organizations. When discussing job design, the focus is on how leadership and management techniques are used to enhance job enrichment within an organization.  Another focus is on how to improve job characteristics within a modern learning organization.

The second part of the chapter will focus on the role of motivation within an external organizational environment, and the interdisciplinary role organizations play within economic, socio-cultural, and political environments. Then, how motivation can impact corporate culture within organizations, and how it can relate to learning organizations will conclude the discussion.

The learning outcomes for this chapter are:

  1. Describe the need for motivation within the framework of job design.
  2. Describe the characteristics of job design and what the steps are to improve job characteristics.
  3. Contextualize the importance of external organizational environments and their effects on motivation within the learning organization.
  4. Explain corporate culture, and how it is used within learning organizations.

Chapter Tips:

  • Contextualize the meaning of reinforcement.
  • Keep in mind societal impacts on motivation.
  • How does one manage their her or his autonomy with motivation?


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