This OER was first published on February 28, 2023

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This OER, Labour Economics for Leaders , is a collection of resources adapted by Norm Smith to meet the needs of students in labour economics courses. In most sections of this OER, updates have been made to the existing content to improve usability and accessibility, incorporate interactive elements and improve the overall student experience. This collection reuses content from the following key resources:

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Copyright & Open Licensing

Labour Economics for Leaders  by Norm Smith is licensed under CC BY 4.0, except where otherwise noted. Individual sections, content, images and activities are marked with their relevant copyright and open licensing information.

Unless otherwise indicated, third-party texts, images and other materials quoted in this OER are included on the basis of Fair Dealing (Canada) as described in the Code of Best Practices for Fair Use in Open Education.

Terminology & Statistics

It is acknowledged that the terminology used to describe statistics within this textbook may be outdated or harmful; however, it was retained to maintain dataset integrity.


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Labour Economics for Leaders Copyright © 2023 by Norm Smith, Georgian College is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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