Case Studies

Chapter 9: Case Study

Avery Construction Company – Project Astro

A large project valued at $5 million is ending at the Avery Construction Company. You are the Human Resources Manager.  Avery Construction has many projects being completed at any given time.

Chang, the Project Manager of the $5 million project (nicknamed: Project Astro) comes to you to discuss how to close out the project. His last project had no closure.  The project team finished the prior project on a Friday and the following Monday they started another project.  Change was not pleased about this situation.  However, the company works at a fast pace and there was no time for any audit, closure, evaluation, or celebrations.  Chang’s team is a high-performing team, and their work is highly valued by the executives of the company.  Change does not want this to happen again.  This time, he has insisted his team take 5 days to close out the project in a meaningful way.

He asks you to develop a plan for the team that will honour the team, tie up all the loose ends, and provide them with a satisfactory closure process.


  1. Design a plan for the team to close out Project Astro.  You will present your plan to Chang in a written format.  You will include yourself in the plan as the Human Resources Specialist.



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