Case Studies

Chapter 5: Case Study

Florida Trip

You and your family of 5 have been planning a trip for a year.  You want to go to Florida for 2 weeks in December over the holiday season.  Your family’s preference is to travel to the Naples’s area.  You will rent a condo with 3 bedrooms.  It must have a pool.  You will need to fly to the Naple’s airport.  You also would like to have a car for the 3 weeks.  The plan is to visit many of the destination tourist sites.  Your family cannot exceed $10,000.00 in total for the trip.  There may be more details about the trip that you need to plan.  You can be creative and build these into the plan.


Following the scope project planning, develop a Scope Statement for your family that includes:

  1. Project objective
  2. Deliverables
  3. Milestones
  4. Technical requirements
  5. Limits and exclusions
  6. Reviews with customer (your family)



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