Chapter 11 – Agile PM

11.12. Chapter Summary

Agile Project Management is an iterative (repetitive) short process focused on customer feedback and satisfaction. Agile management has become popular in many industries although it started in the software industry. It is a fast and flexible approach to project management. Teams host Agile Scrums (short meetings) to discuss the next steps in the project.  They include the product owner, the team, and the Scrum Master. The Scrums are held daily with feedback from all who are present.  They only last about 15-20 minutes.  Often, those present remain standing and ask questions about “what happened since we last met? What are we going to do between now and the next Scrum? Are there any obstacles, and is so, what are they?”  The Scrum Master takes care of the obstacles (removes them). Human Resources can be actively involved with Agile Management through training; and be actively involved in the Scrum Meetings as a Facilitator.