Chapter 6 – Risk Management

6.10. Learning Activities and Exercises for Students/Teachers

The learning activities can be completed by the Students on their own as a learning opportunity to integrate the materials from the textbook for assignments or tests/exams. Or, they may be used by the Teachers as learning activities in class, or for short answer questions on tests/exams.

Learning Activities for Students/Teachers

  1. Individually, think about a school project you worked on that was successful. Make a list of the risks (major and minor) that you overcame before starting the project, and during the project. Pair up and share your list.
  2. Form into small groups. Identify a simple project ie.  Building a garden, painting a bedroom, building a deck, planning a trip, etc.  Make a list of all the tasks that would need to be completed before the project starts.  Make a list of all the risks (major and minor) that could happen.  No wrong answers!  Decide how you will respond to each of the risks.  Develop a Contingency Plan for 3 of the risks.
  3. Individually, research the internet. Use key words “best practices for risk management.”  What did you discover?  How would this information be helpful to you in a project? Pair up and share with a partner what you discovered.

These exercises can be completed by the Students to integrate learning materials for assignments/tests. Or they can be used by the Teachers in class to integrate learning or used on tests/exams.

Exercises for Students/Teachers

  1. Risks can be eliminated from a project if they are planned well. Agree? Disagree? Why?
  2. What is the different between avoiding a risk and mitigating a risk?
  3. Is contingency planning a good idea? Why?  Why not?  Explain.
  4. How is a Risk Breakdown Structure helpful in Risk Management?
  5. List the steps in a Risk Response Plan.
  6. How would Human Resources Specialists support the project through the Risk Management process?