Chapter 5 – Project Life Cycle, Scope, Charters, Proposals

5.18. Learning Activities and Exercises for Students/Teachers

The learning activities can be completed by the Students on their own as a learning opportunity to integrate the materials from the textbook for assignments or tests/exams. Or, they may be used by the Teachers as learning activities in class, or for short answer questions on tests/exams.

Learning Activities for Students/Teachers

  1. Form a small group. Design a communication plan that supports a 6-month project with a Project Manager, 10 team members, the CEO, Finance Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager and Operations Manager. What types of reports would be required for each person(s)? Decide how often you would distribute reports. Build the plan in a chart form. Work with your small group of people to brainstorm ideas, design a communication plan, and present to the larger group in the class.
  2. Form a small group. The Project Manager has asked you, the Human Resources Specialist, to design a closing process for the team and themselves. What type of checklist would you develop for the team? Review the chapter. Make a list.
  3. Form a small group. The Project Manager has asked you, the Human Resources Specialist, to facilitate a Lessons Learned workshop with the team. Design a workshop lesson plan for the team.  Work with a small team to design the Lesson Plan.  Include objectives, description of content, timing, materials/equipment.
  4. Form a small group. You prepared Performance Plans for the Project Manager and team members at the beginning of a project. It is now time to evaluate the team and project manager. The project was cancelled due to financial overtures, due to overspending by the Project Manager. How would you prepare for individual performance reviews? Team review? Project Manager performance review?


These exercises can be completed by the Students to integrate learning materials for assignments/tests. Or they can be used by the Teachers in class to integrate learning or used on tests/exams.

Exercises for Students/Teachers

  1. What are the main elements of a project scope statement?
  2. Why are good monitoring practices important to a project?
  3. If a project is not well planned, what could the possible consequences be?
  4. How does Human Resources impact the initiation phase? Planning phase?  Execution phase? Closure stage? of a project.
  5. Who are all the stakeholders involved in a project?
  6. What is a RACI? Why is it important to a project?
  7. What is a Gantt Chart? How does a Gantt Chart support the project? The Project Manager?  The project teams?
  8. Describe the 360-degree performance review. What are some advantages to this approach?  What are the disadvantages to this approach?
  9. Define SMART Goals.
  10. What is a Scope? What is a Scope Statement?
  11. List the elements of a Scope Statement. Briefly define each element.
  12. What is a triple constraint?
  13. How is a Charter different from a Scope Statement?
  14. What is an RFP?
  15. Individually, develop a personal plan or an educational plan that includes SMART goals.  Review your text related to the 5 steps of SMART goals. Develop your plan.