Human Resources Strategic Projects-Teacher/Student Resources

12.3. Employee Recruitment Strategy


This project’s purpose is to help the business assess its current and future staffing needs. The plan outlines the company’s missing abilities and competencies. The primary goal of the project is to help businesses locate applicants who have the necessary training, experience, and abilities for open positions. Educate management about new innovative recruitment strategies.

Key Stakeholders

Recruitment is an important function in any company irrespective of the business practices and its industry. To make sure that the company recruits the best talent for the job, it is important to make sure that there is a recruiting strategy in place. The recruitment of talent in the company would be based on the strategy.  It would help in achieving company’s goals and would support the needs of all its stakeholders. It is important to integrate the feedback given by the stakeholders in the recruitment strategy. The key stakeholders in a recruitment strategy are hiring managers, executives, employees, and HR team.

Business Case

When looking to fill an open position in the company it is important to have a recruitment strategy. There are several benefits to using such techniques which would help in easing the recruitment process. The benefits that are being brought into the company by the implementation of the recruitment strategy are:

  • Improved quality of applicants: The strategy would help in improving the quality of the candidates. It only shows job openings to those candidates who are skilled with specific task companies are in search of. This would reduce the number of under qualified applicants.
  • Reduced cost per hire: Since the job opening is only visible to those with specific skills. The number of applicants to be interviewed in-order to fill in the open position would be less. This would result in reduced cost in hiring.
  • Diversity in workplace: This would make sure that there isn’t any under-utilized group such as minorities and people with disabilities. In addition, a workplace with the diverse environment will have numerous advantages.

Project Description

The main objective behind the project is to formulate a recruitment strategy in accordance with the feedback being given by the stakeholders. This will help in hiring the best candidate for the job from the applicant pool which was designed to be visible to candidates with expertise required by the company. Not only does it help in finding the perfect candidate for the job, but also helps in bringing down the overall cost of hiring as well. This would help in hiring the best candidate with the same vision as that of the company at a low cost which would help the company grow further.


Plan and content creation is done by the selected team members, content creators, software testers, and content editors. Managers, supervisors, and human resource specialists to gather data about the current system.


  1. Analyze the company’s present hiring and recruitment procedures.
  2. Design a Recruitment Strategy plan with stakeholders’ advantages for the employer and employees, and talent management.
  3. Develop the Recruitment Strategy plan.
  4. Seek various resources such as Financial, Human, and other resources for the Recruitment Strategy.
  5. Implement the Recruitment Strategy plan.
  6. Provide feedback and evaluate the Recruitment Strategy.
  7. Monitor the Recruitment Strategy for potential changes, improvements, and/or modifications.

Action Plan

  1. Project manager – Conduct preliminary meetings with all the stakeholders and key staff members to overview the Job Analysis and project requirements.
  2. Meet with the HR Department and other relevant departments/staff to discuss and analyze the needs assessment for relevant data regarding the current recruitment problems.
  3. As early in a project as feasible, assemble a project team and ensure they understand the project goals or agenda along with their roles and responsibilities.
  4. Develop a nine-point agenda or goals for the new recruitment initiative.
  5. Conduct extensive market research regarding the new recruitment strategies and review the best practices.
  6. Consult with external vendors from the shortlist to provide the latest product technology for strategic recruitment and market analysis for the most suitable recruitment methods.
  7. Prepare a presentation for the management team concerning the project plan and an audio-visual description of the project goals and benefits to the company.
  8. Recalibrate new recruitment strategies in alignment with company policies and strategic goals.
  9. Compile all research resources and prepare a rough draft for the project plan using PMBOK as a guide.
  10. Facilitate final meetings between all stakeholders and management to discuss the Project Plan and the last-minute additions.
  11. Finalize Project Plan- Conduct Last minute review of the Project Plan and present the project plan in an acceptable formal format.
  12. Submit Project Plan to Management for approval and constructive feedback.
  13. If approved, Kickstart the implementation phase at the authorization of management. If disapproved, review and make the required amendments to the plan.
  14. Resubmit it to management for approval and, upon approval, implement it.
  15. Evaluate the Recruitment Strategy plan and monitor it for potential modifications or changes required during the project.

Class of 2022 Contributions:  Elisha Balogun, Amalrani Jose,  Anuradha Kamal,  Cache Paul Sakaria