Case Studies

Chapter 11: Case Study

Case #1

You have been working as part of a team to introduce a new Human Resources Information System (HRIS) to your company.  The team, including yourself, have spent 6 months working toward the goal of having the HRIS set up and piloted within 7 months.  You are the HR representative on the team.  The rest of the team relies heavily on you to host meetings, resolve conflicts, build the team dynamics, and provide expertise from an HR perspective. You have not been directly involved in the project since the first month it was launched.  You stay in touch with the team when they ask you to be involved.

The Project Manager comes to you and says that the “go-live” schedule within a month is not going to happen.  She explains that the business requirements for the HRIS are not close to being completed, and some of the requirements have yet to be started.  As well, she explains that she has never felt the Scope was realistic to meet the schedule demands, and project team has lost their motivation and commitment to the project.  They all have lost a sense of their priorities; and communication between and among the team is at an all-time low.

She asks you for help.  What do you do?


In small teams, analyze the case/situation and provide 6 recommendations that you can make to the Project Manager.

Case #2

Read the following case study: PM Governance Combined with Agile Tools Improves Delivery and Quality of Financial Services Programs  and answer the questions below.


  1. What are some of the agile tools and techniques that PM Solutions could have proposed?
  2. What is the Kanban approach?
  3. As a Human Resources Specialist, how could help set up the Agile Project Management approach?
  4. For the proposed solution to work, what style of governing should the team should adapt?


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