Chapter 3 – Project Manager as a Leader

3.14. Learning Activities and Exercises for Students/Teachers

The learning activities can be completed by the Students on their own as a learning opportunity to integrate the materials from the textbook for assignments or tests/exams. Or, they may be used by the Teachers as learning activities in class, or for short answer questions on tests/exams.

Learning Activities for Students/Teachers

    1. Form a small group. Read the short case study and discuss possible solutions:  Short Case:  Jagpreet is a project manager who has 5 months to complete a project.  They cannot start the project for 6 months due to financial delays.  Brenda, the functional manager, has stated the 6 individuals that you, the Human Resources Specialist, has selected for the project, are available now.  If the project is delayed longer than 6 months, Jagpreet will need to take whoever is available for the project.  What should you do as the Human Resources Specialist?  Individually, make a list of possible solutions. Pair up with a partner and share your solutions.
    2. Review the 5 responses to conflict in the text. Individually, think of a situation from your past where you were in conflict.  How did you handle it?  What could you have done differently knowing the 5 responses to the conflict?  Pair up and discuss with a partner.
    3. In a small group, discuss the following short case. Short Case:  Huda, the CEO, has come to as a Human Resources Specialist, and has asked that Paul, an up-and-coming employee be a Project Manager.  Paul is an engineer in the company.  He has progressed through several technical jobs.  He is knowledgeable in the engineering field. Huda has told you he is a good listener, has negotiated contracts for the company, is a good problem solver, and was the lead engineer when the company attracted 2 new contacts last year.  However, he has never led a team of people, nor worked in project management.  Answer the following questions.  Can Paul’s qualifications be transferred to lead the new engineering project for the company?  What is Huda’s role in making the request?  What is your role as the Human Resources Specialist to ensure a successful project?
    4. Individually, review Emotional Intelligence, specifically “temperament.” Form a small group.  Think about and describe to your team members:

a. 3 adjectives that best describe you. Write the down.

b.3 adjectives that you believe others use to describe you

5. With your group, research more in-depth research that your textbook provides on Temperament as it relates to: 1. Genetic Inheritance 2. Physical Attributes 3. Life Experiences 4. Environmental Conditions.

6. With your partner, answer the following questions:

a. How does each temperamental factor affect you personally?

b. Which of these factors might you wish to change? Why?

7. In a group of 3, each student chose either Emotional Intelligence, Myers-Briggs or DISC Method.  Review your chosen assessment.  List the advantages/benefits of using the assessment, and the limitations of the assessment.  Compare and discuss the results among your group.  Decide among yourselves which assessment you would prefer to use as a Human Resources Specialist, and why. Share your choice with the larger class providing your rationale for your choice.  


These exercises can be completed by the Students to integrate learning materials for assignments/tests. Or they can be used by the Teachers in class to integrate learning or used on tests/exams.

Exercises for Students/Teachers

  1. What is the difference between leadership and managing?
  2. What is the most important characteristic of a project manager?
  3. What skills would a Human Resources Specialist seek in a potential project manager related to managing a team?
  4. How does Human Resources’ role impact a project manager?
  5. How is Emotional Intelligence beneficial in selecting a project manager?
  6. In pairs, review Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  What are the strengths of MBTI?  List the strengths.  Discuss with your partner how you would use MBTI in your work as a Human Resources Specialist.  Share with the larger group.