Chapter 1 – Introduction to Project Management for Human Resources

1.8. Ask An Expert — Monique Sauvé

Ask An Expert

Monique Sauvé

Certified Human Resources Leader


Human Resources Professional with over 20 years of Human Resources experience primary in Health Care.


Question 1: What is the hardest hurdle you have faced in your career?

Working in Human Resources as a Recruitment and Retention Specialist in a Health Human Resources crisis, dealing with a Nursing shortage during a pandemic had been very challenging. I have had to be very creative in my recruitment strategies, having to pivot and adapt quickly.

Question 2: How would you describe your career story?

Very fulfilling and challenging, I learned very early on in my career that every day is different with its own set of unique challenges. You must be willing to adapt to new situations, pivot and make decisions with confidence utilizing your skills, knowledge, and resources.

Question 3: What are the top three tools you need to stay successful in your day-to-day workspace?

Great written and verbal communication skills, excellent organization skills and the ability to prioritize multiple tasks/projects at once.

Question 4: As an HR professional, which phase of the project is your favorite or most rewarding? Initiation, development, or completion?

Initiating, I like engaging with key stakeholders to seek input before starting a process improvement initiative or project.

Question 5: Do you find that in Human Resources many roles have expanded and what does this process look like?

Absolutely, we have had to do more with less over the last 10 years. Wearing multiple HR hats to provide optimal service. HR has had to adapt organizational processes and policies to adapt to a changing culture.

Question 6: How do you think that project management impacts the retention of quality employees?

Having structure and processes around project management impacts retention. Effective employee retention can save an organization from productivity losses. High-retention workplaces tend to employ more engaged workers who, in turn, get more done. Engaged employees are more likely to improve customer relationships, and teams that also tend to be more productive.

Question 7: If you could talk to your past-self (at the beginning of your career) and give yourself one piece of advice for project management, what would it be?

Engage key stakeholders upfront, listening to concerns, taking feedback and follow up.