Case Studies

Chapter 10: Case Study

Premier International

You are the Human Resources Manager of Premier International, an international hotel chain.  Your organization is opening an office in Madrid, Spain. Craig Baldwin, Hospitality Director has accepted the responsibilities for the expansion to the new hotel in Spain. Craig’s salary is $160,000/hear, plus he earns bonuses each year of 5%.

He has travelled Europe extensively on many short-term assignments to other hotels owned by Premier International.  However, this will be his first long term assignment for 3 years.

Craig and his wife Karen just purchased a new home last year (their mortgage payments are $2300.00/month.) Betty is an emergency room nurse at the local hospital and works full time.  She earns $125,000/year, plus a good benefit package. She is nervous about job security.  They have 4 children, Brian (16), David (12), Greta (8) and Harry (6). They are all in school, and considerations about continued quality schooling are important.  They have heard there is a Canadian School of Madrid (private school), in the city. None of the family speak Spanish. Craig and Karen have many questions about what to expect.


Working together in a team and design a package that would allow Craig and his family to move to Madrid.  They insist they want to maintain their present lifestyle (both at their current salaries.)

Address these issues, plus 2 more that are not included:

  1. Education for the children
  2. Compensation for Craig and Karen and incentives/benefits
  3. Karen’s employment concern
  4. Language and culture training/shock
  5. Transportation
  6. Housing
  7. Visas
  8. Relocation allowances
  9. Health, medical, insurance
  10. Other
  11. Other



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