Chapter 4 – Project Team

4.13. Chapter Summary

The project team works with the Project Manager to develop project plans, scheduling of work, acquiring the needed resources, monitor progress and see the project through to a successful completion. Human Resources can support the team to set goals, measure success and reward the team. They may include team motivation, team building exercises, and team development.

Dr. Bruce Tuckman’s Team Development is popular with stages of team development including forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. One approach that Human Resources utilizes for team development are the 5Cs of Project Team Compatibility.  They include cooperation, communication, coordination, consoling, and conflict resolution. Another approach for team development is Emotional Intelligence (EI) working with teams, rather than individuals. Two other important aspects where Human Resources supports team building are through building trusting relationships between the team members and supporting the team to develop communication skills (face to face and virtual).

Human Resources plays a role in putting together teams that are diverse and inclusive. A great team is dependent on the leadership.  Ensuring the Project Manager has the qualities, talents, and experiences necessary to lead the team are critical to the success of the project.  John P. Dugan’s example of leadership suggests anyone can become a leader with core considerations.