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This textbook has been largely adapted from Communication for Business Professionals by eCampusOntario is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

Sections from other resources are noted below.

Chapter 1 Adapted from Chapter 1: Professional Business Communication.  Chapter 1 name changed, but content was not altered other than some sections were moved around.
Chapter 2 Adapted from Chapter 3: You and Your Audience. Chapter 2 name changed. Section 20 Listening and Reading for understanding from adapted book moved to Chapter 6.
Chapter 3 Adapted from Chapter 10: Intercultural and International Communication
Chapter 4 Adapted from Chapter 2: Delivering Your Message & Chapter 4: Nonverbal Communication. Merged both chapters , and removed some sections. Removed 11 Messages and 14 Improving Verbal Communication
Chapter 5 Adapted from Chapter 2: Making Ethical Decisions and Managing a Socially Responsible Business from Introduction to Business by Open Stax- Rice University
Chapter 6 Adapted from Chapter 9: Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Communication. Sections on Employment interviewing and conflict in the work environment were removed. Listening and Reading for understanding was added.
Chapter 7 Adapted from Chapter 11: Group Communication, Teamwork, and Leadership. Sections on conflict (Chapter 9) conflict management  from Communication for Business Professionals by Department of Communication, Indiana State University and crucial conversations from Principles of Management by University of Minnesota were added here, Significant editing was done from the content from Indiana State in sections 7.6.
Chapter 8 Adapted from Chapter 5: Presentation Organization
Chapter 9 Adapted from Chapter 6: Developing Presentations
Chapter 10 Adapted from Chapter 7: Presentations to Inform
Chapter 11 Adapted from Chapter 8: Presentations to Persuade
Chapter 12 Adapted from Chapter 12: Groups and Meetings from An Introduction to Group Communication by Phil Venditti and Scott McLean
Chapter 13 Adapted from  Interview Toolkit by Fanshawe College
Chapter 14 Adapted from Chapter 12: Digital Media and Communications
Chapter 15 This chapter is an amalgamation of resources  from Professional Business Practice  and Business Communication for Success and Making Conflict Suck Less: The Basics and Professional Communications OER and lastly, Communication in the Real World

Overall formatting was updated. Introduction and Conclusion information was added to multiple chapters to make the book consistent.


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