13.1 Before the Interview: Preparation

What Is A Job Interview?

A structured conversation or dialogue between two or potentially more individuals to assess a candidate’s skills, qualifications, and fit for a company or organization’s vacant position.

The interviewer(s) asks pre-determined questions and the interviewee provides succinct responses confidently illustrating their skills and qualifications in relation to the job posting.

Two- way conversation:

  • Employer to provide exceptional candidate care creating a welcoming and relaxed environment.
  • Candidate is put at ease to communicate openly with self-assurance and confidence.
  • Flow of discussion = both parties to be well informed.

Preparation is Essential

  • Research the employer. ‘Google’ the employer and prepare questions which demonstrate your interest and understanding of the business or organization. What is their Mission, Vision, and Values? Do they align with yours? Why do you want to work there?
  • Research the position. Ask for a job description and become familiar with the qualifications and knowledge you will need to do the job.
  • Review your resume and list of skills related to job and anticipate questions that might be asked.
  • Update your resume and reference list and make copies to take to the interview.
  • Prepare and organize your portfolio with information that is relevant to the job.
  • Plan your wardrobe. Dress one to two levels above the job you are applying for.
  • Google map or GPS the location to determine the best way to get to the interview.

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