Module 2: Gender and Sexuality

Refugees in England

Pen and watercolor painting of Campbell Island by Josef.    
Campbell Island, Josef Eisinger (2007). Courtesy of Josef Eisinger

Oral History by Josef Eisinger

In his oral history, Josef explains the reasons for his internment on the Isle of Mann and in Canadian prisoner of war camps. Listen to him share his anecdotes, including the story of his arrest at the Park Royal Hotel, as well as the story of his release thanks to a Jewish family from Berlin.

Guest Lecture by Dr. Paula Draper

In the following guest lecture, listen to Dr. Paula Draper explain and contextualize the term “accidental immigrant.” After watching this guest lecture, compare what you just learned about the history of internment in Canada to the way in which this chapter of history is remembered in Canada. How does Josef’s oral history add to, nuance, and challenge this memory?

Interactive Map

This interactive map of Josef and Lesley’s emigration journey was created by Nicola Woodhead, a PhD candidate in History at the Parkes Institute at the University of Southampton, UK. Her doctoral dissertation seeks to provide the first comprehensive examination of transmigrant Kinder—the Kinder who did not permanently settle in Great Britain—by mapping both the experience of transmigrant Kinder and their memories of these experiences.

To effectively use this map, press on the menu button on the top left. You will then be able to scroll down and see Josef and Lesley’s journey in the form of a list. Click on the different icons to discover pictures from their lives and a few clips from Josef’s oral history.

Assigned Readings

Becoming a Nanny

Prisoners of the home front: German POWs and ‘enemy aliens’ in southern Quebec, 1940-46



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