Module 4: Antisemitism and Racism

Concluding Reflection

This module introduced students to the role of racism and antisemitism in the Holocaust and its impact on European Jews.

The following questions encourage you to reflect on and synthesize the content and ideas from this module.

Concluding Reflection Questions

  1. Why is it important to understand the different types of anti-Jewish behaviours that developed over time? Or, alternatively, how have anti-Jewish attitudes changed over time and how have they remained the same?
  2. What can the racist and antisemitic attitudes and behaviours that led to the Holocaust tell us about hatred and racism in the world today?
  3. To what extent is Christian anti-Judaism to blame for the murder of Europe’s Jewish populations during World War II? Is Christian anti-Judaism and Nazi antisemitism old wine in new bottles? Why does this matter?
  4. How did anti-Jewish attitudes and behaviours transform and contribute to the murder of European Jewish populations? Weigh the long-term causal factors of the “Final Solution” with more immediate short-term ones. What can this tell us about causation?
  5. Why is it important to learn about antisemitism from Holocaust survivors?


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