Module 3: Religion & Culture

Muslims as Targets

Muslims Murdered at Auschwitz:

Ismail Mamatdzanon (prisoner #: R9954)

Nasreddin Tadzubajev (prisoner #: R9955)

Mohammed Sultanov (prisoner #: R9959)

Hassan Mamedov (prisoner #: R9965)

In addition to the numerous other groups targeted by the Nazis and killed at Auschwitz, there was another group who were imprisoned at the camp: Muslims. Between late February and early March 1942, dozens of Muslims were arrested and sent to Auschwitz. They were not, however, targeted and imprisoned for being Muslims; rather, they were arrested as Soviet prisoners of war. Regardless, they were among those killed at the camp.

Satloff, Robert. January 26, 2020. “Remembering the Muslims Murdered at Auschwitz.” The Washington Institute. Accessed February 5, 2022.


As a Nazi soldier looks at Tunisian men on the street on January 9, 1941.
A Nazi trooper on a street in Tunis on January 9, 1941. Unknown photographer. Associated Press

Guest Lecture: Mehnaz Afridi

Watch Dr. Mehnaz Afridi’s guest lecture on Muslims during the Holocaust. While watching, pay careful attention to Afridi’s motivation for performing this research and who her audience is.

The Role of Muslims and the Holocaust


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