Module 2: Gender and Sexuality

Emigration Context

Wetteruhr Vienna, Josef Eisinger (2004)
Pen and watercolor painting of the weather clock in Vienna’s city park by Josef. Courtesy of Josef Eisinger

Lecture by Marie-Catherine Allard

In this lecture, Marie-Catherine Allard uses a comparative approach to highlight how gender expectations shaped Josef’s and Lesley’s refugee experiences. As you watch this lecture, try to identify examples that created a shift in perspective. This can be done by allowing lesser-known histories into our consciousness.

Interactive Bookshelf

Here, Josef and Lesley’s nursery is portrayed by the digital artist Jessika Thiffault. Navigate through this interactive drawing and discover its content by clicking on the following icon: +. After pressing one of these icons, a popup window will open and you will be able to read about the object that used to belong to the siblings.


Oral History by Josef Eisinger

In this oral history, Josef discusses his life as a boy growing up in Vienna. He describes his favorite childhood activities and explains how the Anschluß disrupted his ordinary Jewish, middle-class life.

Assigned Readings

Letter From Lesley Wyle to Hanni Lindner, March 1938



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