Module 4: Antisemitism and Racism

Oral Histories 

Identification card of Marion Basfreund, marked with a red “J” for Jude and with “Sara” added to her name.
Marion Basfreund’s 1939 Identification Card. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Hilary Dalton.

Marguerite Quddus (2019)

In this 3:56 clip, Marguerite Quddus describes the night her father was arrested in Paris, France because he was Jewish. She never saw her father again. She also discusses other anti-Jewish measures implemented by the French government.

Valeria Good (1995)

In this 6:27 clip, Valeria Good describes the impact of antisemitism on her education.

Anita Heller (1997)

In this 2:26 clip, Anita Heller describes the way that education changed when Hitler came to power and the way that law was used to identify and categorize Jews and Germans and limit social interaction.

Ursula Feist (1997)

In this 1:53 clip, Ursula Feist discusses race theory and the impact this had on her life in Germany.


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