Chapter 7: Decision-making

Learning Objectives

In this chapter, we will:

  1. Define decision making.
  2. Describe influences on decision-making.
  3. Identify common biases that impact the decision-making process
  4. Understand the different types of decisions you may make in your career and personal life.

Let’s Focus

Too Many Choices

Andi graduated from Fanshawe College two weeks ago with her degree in Business Management. She is anxious to put her knowledge to good use at a job she enjoys.

Andi has an idea of her perfect job and begins work to apply to those organizations that meet her criteria. Using social media and traditional approaches to job searching, Andi gets three interviews at well-known companies in the London-Middlesex area.

After what seems like a week interviewing, Andi receives two job offers! She is thrilled but isn’t sure which one to choose. One of the offers is for a higher salary than she expected but requires one week of travel per month. The other job is a lower salary and position, but the possibilities to grow with the company seem better. Andi isn’t sure which job to choose.

Big decisions, such as career choices, take a lot of planning and thought. This chapter will discuss the ways we can learn to make good personal decisions, and also good decisions in the workplace.



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