Chapter 11: Dimensions of Diversity and Intercultural Communication

Learning Objectives

In this chapter, we will:

  1. Define key terms related to the dimensions of diversity.
  2. Understand that employees in Ontario should not be discriminated against in the workplace based on protected grounds.
  3. Describe the benefits and challenges associated with a diverse workforce within an organization.
  4. Explain the process by which we join and participate in a culture such as in the workplace.
  5. Identify dimensions of cultural difference from a sociological perspective.
  6. Explain strategies for how to establish and maintain friendly professional relations with people from different cultures.

Canadian workplaces are becoming more diverse as organizations realize what a diverse workforce can bring, from innovation and creativity to employee happiness and retention. In this chapter we will explore some of the dimensions of diversity that you will likely encounter in your professional life. You’ll then learn about why some of the benefits and challenges of diversity in Canadian workplaces. In order to understand how to communicate more effectively, we need to develop our abilities in better understanding ourselves and how culture influences our communication.


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