11.5 Key Takeaways, Knowledge Check and Key Terms

Key Takeaways

  • In this chapter, we learned that there are many sources of human diversity. Some of these characteristics are surface-level and superficial, while other differences are deeper or hidden.
  • Canada is often celebrated for its policies on equity and multiculturalism. However, within Canadian society there are still ongoing systems of privilege and oppression that impact employment.
  • Biases and stereotypes based on surface-level characteristics can lead to discrimination in the workplace.
  • It is illegal to discriminate in Ontario workplaces on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or ability.
  • All communication is intercultural communication, which requires an open attitude to understanding and accommodating cultural differences in the workplace to make business connections.
  • Using mindfulness (attention, intention, and attitude) we can become more culturally competent communicators.

Knowledge Check

Review your understanding of this chapter’s key concepts by taking the interactive quiz below.



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