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This resource was created by a whole team of people working together on different aspects. Some of us you will see on camera, but much of the work happened ‚Äúbehind the scenes.‚ÄĚ Here is the cast of (sometimes whacky!) characters that produced this book.


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Nicole Whitmore


My name is Nicole Whitmore. For 8 years I struggled with addiction and homelessness. Fast forward to 14 years later, and I am now an Outreach Worker and Addictions Worker in the Port Hope and Cobourg area.

James Davy


I spent twenty years as Program Manager for a Provincial transfer Agency supporting behaviorally challenged adults. I was involved with the transition from Provincial Institutions to the Community settings. 2012 substance abuse issues led me to seven years of on and off homelessness. Currently, I am working with PARN, Fourcast, and the Peterborough Paramedics with the Mobile Supportive Overdose Resource Team and as a Harm Reduction specialist.

Cyndi Gilmer


Cyndi Gilmer RN DHlthSc is the Director of the Department of Social Work and an Associate Professor in the Trent/ Fleming School of Nursing at Trent University. As a nurse for over 35 years, she has worked in paediatrics, public health, acute care, maternal child care, long term care, and community health. As a nurse educator Cyndi is passionate about helping new nurses develop an understanding of the critical role that the social determinants of health play in achieving and/or maintaining wellness, the challenges of marginalization, and the need to advocate for social justice. She researches the lived experienced of those living homeless or precariously housed, focusing on the physical, psychosocial, and systematic challenges they face when attempting to access healthcare.

Kristy Buccieri


Kristy Buccieri, PhD, researches and teaches about homelessness in Canada. She is an Associate Professor in Sociology and the founding Coordinator of Criminology at Trent University. When she is not in the classroom or in the community, she can be found cooking in the kitchen, planting in the garden, or walking her dogs through the neighbourhood (although they are both part beagle, so they do not walk very fast).


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Stephanie Ferguson


Stephanie Ferguson is an eLearning Designer with Trent Online. Previously, she was the Curriculum Development and LMS Lead for the Indigenous e-Channel organization of Ontario providing access to free quality online education in remote northern communities. Stephanie has extensive experience in course design encouraging collaboration and innovation using educational technology.

James Bailey


James Bailey is a Multimedia eLearning Design Specialist for Trent Online and the Centre of Teaching and Learning, joining the team in July 2021. Previously, James gained his experience through freelance work and collaborative video projects after finding a keen interest in multimedia design after graduating Trent University with a bachelor’s in media studies.

Josh Andrews


Josh Andrews is an eLearning Technologist for Trent Online and the Centre for Teaching and Learning, joining the team in November 2018. Previously, Josh worked in the Information Technology department for 4 years as a Service Desk Analyst and is a graduate of Sir Sanford Fleming College with a Computer Engineering Technician diploma.

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Steph Vasko


Steph Vasko (she/her) is the Director of Communications at the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness (COH). She leads the team responsible for designing the COH’s publications and communications materials, which range from reports and books to infographics and videos, that help advance our mandate to enhance the impact of research on policy and practice. Since 2009, Steph has been working with the COH’s Homeless Hub website, a key vehicle of knowledge mobilization and the world‚Äôs largest library of homelessness research. She also manages communications and design-driven projects for clients of COH’s social enterprise, Hub Solutions.
Brad Keizerwaard


Brad Keizerwaard is a teaching assistant at Trent University for the School of Business. Previously, Brad worked in Administrative Roles and was Campus Recreation Coordinator for Trent Athletics. When he’s not stuck on campus, Brad loves hiking some of the local trails with his dog and going for bike rides around the city of Peterborough.

Carter Tongs


Carter Tongs is an undergraduate student at Trent University studying biology and sociology. He is passionate about helping others and hopes to continue his studies and join the field of public policy analysis. He is incredibly excited to be a part of this project to help students learn about homelessness and the social problems that homeless and houseless individuals face.



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